Spectrometry Laboratory

Electricos Internacional Ltda performs an exhaustive control of raw materials, ensuring that they meet the highest specifications for each of their products. For this purpose, exist various methods of chemical analysis, which are important at industrial control level since each of the components present in the materials used can be identified. Optical Emission Spectrometry, known by its acronym OES, is one of the techniques of chemical analysis generally used to determine the amount of elements present on metals and their alloys, exciting the sample with a high frequency current, which

emits a spectrum that is detected by the equipment; the data is processed by a software obtaining quantitatively the composition of a specific sample. The OES equipment acquired by the company, is able to analyse metals such as copper and its alloys, tin and its alloys, low alloy steels and stainless steels. Thereby, Eléctricos Internacional Ltda carries out the assurance of quality in its production processes, which has positioned us in the electric sector as a reliable company.