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  • Sense of belonging to the organization and love for what we do.
  • To exceeding the expectations of those who are interested in what we do.
  • To listen others and to be listened.
  • To find the best approach to do our job with transparency and rectitude.
  • To show that we are capable of doing what we do.
  • To make our dreams come true.
  • To be an example at national level.
  • To encourage working as a team.
  • To be part of the electric international community.


The policy of the integrated management system is made up of three principles:


  • Satisfying the legal requirements of our stakeholders and regulations applicable to the organization.
  • Being directed towards fulfilling the requirements in the integrated management system and align with the organization strategic guidelines.
  • Applying the quality principles described in ISO 9001.

Work occupational health and safety

  • Promoting self-care, and preventing work-related risks, injuries and illnesses.
  • Protecting the safety, health and integrity of all the parties involved.
  • Committing to implement the work occupational health and safety system and the looking after work related risks.

Environmental Management

  • Committing to protect the environment keeping in mind the magnitude of the environmental impacts associated with the nature of the activities performed by the organization.
  • Preventing environmental pollution.
  • Adequate management of chemical substances and reducing environmental impacts caused by the generation of waste.

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