We are experts in the design and manufacture of protection systems for power transmission lines and distribution transformers.

9kV to 15kV

Compatibility with arresters for:

9kV, 10kV, 12kV,15kV

Nominal operating voltage 15kV

Weight: 5.66 kg

Bil: 110kV

DOSA 18kV to 24kV

Compatibility with arresters for:

18kV, 21kV, 24kV

Weight: 11.66 kg

Bil: 200kV

Nominal operating voltage 24kV

DOSA 27kV to 36kV

Compatibility with arresters for:

27kV, 30kV, 36kV

Nominal operating voltage 36kV

Weight: 12 kg

Bil: 200kV

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